Nonno Red Lenses - Red
Let's create a classic movie look with these Nonno Deep Red. Enhanced by the most striking red and the bold black limbal ring, your stunning look can be show off overwhelmingly. The high opacity and bright red color make it...
$35.00 $21.99
Nonno Green Lenses - Green
With the bright green spreading across the tinted green background, that’s nothing better to show your impressive eyes. The bright green can always bring you vibrant and fresh eyes. The black limbal ring adds intensity and ensures that you get...
$35.00 $21.99
Nonno Blue Lenses - Blue
These super shiny contacts will make you stand out. With not only one but two jewel-bright blue colors well blended together, the Nonno Polar Blue contacts create a stunning look like a waving ocean. This makes the colors really pop...
$35.00 $21.99
Nonno Violet Lenses - Violet
The contrast between the sprawling red and the bright purple background makes a dramatic looking. The Nonno Violet totally change your look and make your eyes bigger with its diameter of 14.5mm and bold black limbal ring. Perfect for party,...
$35.00 $21.99
Whiteout Contacts
The result is totally creepy and these lenses are ideal for Halloween costumes. With these Whiteout crazy contact lenses, your eyes will look prominent and scary. This is very shocking. Specs Material: HEMA Power: 0.00 Diameter: 14.0mm Water Content: 38%...
$39.00 $21.99
Red Sasuke Sharingan Contacts
Wearing Mangikiu Shalinga that you will be part of the Naruto at the party. This style perfectly represents the Shalinga wielding characters evolved dojutsu with a red lens and black background design. Specs Material: HEMA Power: 0.00 Diameter: 14.0mm Water Content: 38%...
$35.00 from $18.99
Naruto Kakashi Sharingan Contacts
Every fan of Kakashi will be attracted by his cool Sharingan eyes. These lenses are designed for Kakashi cosplay. These real and natural contact lenses will help you perfectly replicate the character of Naruto. The diameter of 14.0mm makes them...
$39.00 $23.90
Purple Spiral Contacts
Inspired by the Rinnegan in anime Naruto, these lenses are designed for cosplay. The circles in the purple iris create an illusion that makes others easy to get lost in your eyes. Suitable for character cosplay in Naruto or other...
$29.00 $21.99
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