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Selenus Sclera Contacts

Selenus Sclera Contacts

Super soft and smooth lens with high-quality materials offers you moisturized feeling all day long.


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The black horror lenses come with an exploding blue pattern that makes your eyes very shiny.  It’s very interesting. The large black background blends completely with your eyes. Fully covering your sclera, these lenses are suitable for some special costumes or cosplay.


  • Material: HEMA
  • Power: 0.00
  • Diameter: 22.0mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Lifespan: Yearly
  • Base Curve: 9.0mm
  • Packaging: Vial / 2pcs

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Step 1: Good Hygiene

When you first unbox the lenses, make sure you wash off the liquid attached to the lenses with lens solution(see the instructions on your lens solution). Don’t forget to wash your hands and always keep your hands clean.

Step 2: Secure The Contact

Because a sclera lens is bigger than the normal lens, place the sclera lens on two figures for better stability. Dip some contacts eyedrops into the cup size of the sclera lens for better moisturizing your eyes after the sclera is on.

Step 3: Put on the Contact Lenses

Open your eye-lid with your free hand and place the sclera lens on your exposed eyeball. When the Sclera is too big to put in, slide an edge of the sclera up above your iris, adjust the sclera with your finger, and blink to make it in place.


If you have difficulties when it comes to removing, use some eye drops before removing the lenses. A tip for removing the lens is to keep your hands dry after you wash your hands so the lenses are not easy to slide around. Use your fingers to keep your eye wide open, pinch the lens, and pull it out.

Click here for more Wearing and Caring Information.

Wearing and Caring Instruaction


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Why do my contacts keep moving in my eyes, don’t stay in place?

The most common reason is that the base curve and diameter do not fit your eyes. The curvature of the cornea in the front of the eye can be quite different from person to person, the contact lens should fit appropriately on that surface. If the contact lens is too tight, it cannot move properly. If it is too loose, it will move in your eyes and even slip off. Go back to your optometrist to confirm the size that fits your eyes.

If it has started happening only recently, and with the base curve that you usually wear successfully in that eye, then the most possible reason is the lens is inside out. Try inverting the lens and see if it stays where it belongs.

Can I sleep with contact lenses in?

No. It's important to never sleep with your contact lenses whether they're hard or soft, except those specifically designed and approved for extended wear. This is because the tissues of your eyes need oxygen in order to function properly. When you're awake, your open eye gets oxygen from your tears and the air. However, when you are sleeping your eyelids are shut and there is less oxygen being transmitted to your cornea from the surrounding air. If you have left your contact lenses in, this prevents even more oxygen from getting to your eye because the plastic acts as a physical barrier to the process. When the eye doesn't get enough oxygen, a condition called corneal neovascularisation can occur where small blood vessels grow in the cornea in order to provide an oxygen supply to the area. Aside from this condition, leaving your contact lenses in overnight can also lead to redness in the eyes, eye strain or pain and increased sensitivity to light. The lens itself may tighten while on the eye, which can result in tiny rips or tears on your cornea (the front surface of your eye).This may increase the risk of an eye infection, inflammation or abrasions.

Are contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions the same?

Contact lens prescriptions and eyeglass prescriptions are not the same. They are significantly different because eyeglass lenses are positioned approximately 12 millimeters from your eyes, whereas contact lenses rest directly on the surface of your eyes. The power of a contact lens will be slightly less nearsighted or slightly more farsighted.

The thinner the contact lens, the better?

Not exactly. Thin contact lenses have higher oxygen permeability and are more comfortable, which are suitable for sensitive eyes. But at the same time, the evaporation rate of water will also become faster. If the water-locking ability of the lens is insufficient, it will in turn absorb the tears to replenish moisture, so it is easy to feel dry. If your eyes get dry easily, you should choose thick contact lenses. Generally speaking, the contact lenses are more ideal when the thickness of them is between 0.04mm and 0.06mm.

Can I Swim With Contact Lenses?

No, swimming with contact lenses should be avoided whenever possible to help prevent bacterial contamination of your eye. Swimming with contacts can result in eye infections, irritation and potentially sight-threatening conditions such as a corneal ulcer. The FDA recommends that contact lenses should not be exposed to any kind of water, including tap water and water in swimming pools, oceans, lakes, hot tubs and showers. If you do decide to swim with contact lenses, daily disposable lenses (wearing spectacles at the same time) are the safest option. They are meant to be worn and thrown away after a single use, eliminating the need to clean and disinfect them.

Should I Put In Contacts Before Or After Makeup Application?

One thing for sure: put your contacts in before applying your makeup. This way, you avoid the risk of getting makeup particles on them. There’s a risk when you apply makeup first and then put in your contacts, not only messing up your makeup, but also accidentally getting chemicals on your lenses causing further irritation. If you're using any kind of sprays, the spray can get on your contact lenses. Close your eyes (and even cover your eyes with one hand) during application and after, as spray particles linger in the air.

Is it OK to wear a torn or ripped contact lens?

It is NEVER safe to wear a torn contact lens, even if it feels fine in your eye. A torn lens will have jagged edges that can scratch the delicate front surface of your eye, called the cornea. When a lens is torn, it can no longer maintain the specific curvature that it needs to match the front of your eye, so it will not fit your eye properly and be more likely to move. If the lens does not stay centered on your eye or moves too much, your vision can be blurred. A decentered lens can also get trapped underneath your eyelid causing pain and irritation.

Can I apply eye drops while wearing contact lenses?

There are plenty and various types of eye drops available for contact wearers, but only contact lens re-wetting drops can be applied when you are wearing contact lenses. If you need to use eye drops, please remove your contact lenses first.

Differences between extended wear contacts and daily wear contacts?

Daily wear contacts are by and large the most popular type of contacts. They are not made to be worn overnight, and taking them out gives your eyes an opportunity to breathe and rest. You must clean and disinfect daily wear contact lenses every time you remove them at the end of the day.

Extended wear contacts can be worn for about six to seven days at a time due to their very high oxygen permeability (they are five to six times more oxygen permeable than daily wear lenses!) Deposits tend to build up on extended wear contacts, which can irritate your eyes and cause infection more commonly than daily wear lenses do.

Why do my contact lenses have yellow spots?

The yellow spots on your contact lenses may come from the dust which has got into the lens material. If you find these yellow spots on your contact lenses, you should go to have your lenses changed.

Who cannot wear contact lenses?

Not everyone can wear contact lenses. There are many reasons certain individuals are unable to wear contact lenses. It may be due to a health condition such as dry eye syndrome, irritation, burning, infection, or the shape of their eye just doesn’t allow for them to be able to wear contact lenses. Sometimes it is because they are so nearsighted that there isn’t a contact lens with a strong enough power to correct their vision and other times it s because they are allergic to the disinfecting solution or contact lens.

Can I attend intense sports activities wearing contact lenses?

Yes, you absolutely can wear contact lenses while playing sports. In fact, eye doctors recommend contact lenses because they are safer. But water sports are the one exception to the rule.

What is oxygen permeability, central thickness and base curve? 

Oxygen permeability (OP) is a parameter of a contact lens that expresses the ability of the lens to let oxygen reach the eye by diffusion. In soft contact lenses, it is dependent on the thickness of the lens and the material of the lens, especially concerning the water content.

The thickness of a contact lens means the thickness of central point of the lens. This is because contact lenses are of arc shape which possesses different thickness around a lens. The higher the degree of the contact lens is, the thicker the lenses is, and the worse the oxygen permeability the lens is.

The base curve measurement indicates the back curvature of your contact lens, in millimetres. This is important for comfort, as the BC of your contact lenses should match your eye's natural curve as closely as possible to ensure a better fit when you are wearing your contact lenses. It also means your contact lenses will be less likely to fall out. A lower BC number means a steeper curve of your cornea (the clear front surface of your eye). A higher BC number means your cornea is flatter.

What should I do if my contact lenses stick together?

Before attempting to get your contact lenses unstuck, place the lens in the palm of your hand and soak it thoroughly with an approved contact lens solution. Gently roll the lens with your index finger in the palm of your hand in a back and forth motion. If gently rubbing does not separate the lens edges, soak it in solution until it resumes normal shape.

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