How To Buy High Quality Colored Contacts & Sclera Lenses
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How To Buy High Quality Colored Contacts & Sclera Lenses

Who does not like to be the center of attention? To make sure you are dressing up on point, a proper pair of lenses can make the crowd go wow with your look. Choose from a range of lenses and be a wild cat, mad hatter, zombie, ghost, or whatever character you want and go ahead and rock the show! Here are a few important things you must know before buying any pair of lenses. 

Things to know before buying colored contacts or sclera lenses:

  1. Buy from trusted sellers: This is the foremost point we all should focus on. Not only lenses but for anything. Your vision is too important to be at risk. Nothing gives 100% surety but paying attention will get you away from sellers who are selling illegal and low-quality lenses that can harm your eyes.

  1. Check water content: It is the amount of water present in contact lenses and the water content is responsible to keep your eyes from feeling dry. The water content level is directly related to oxygen permeability. 

  1. Give a check to the material: Lenses that are made of HEMA material, which is also known as hydroxyethyl methacrylate, has proved to be a very safe and durable contact lens.

  1. Oxygen level in lenses: This is one of the many factors that contribute to high-quality contact lenses. A perfect pair of lenses would allow for adequate oxygen to minimize any complications. It also locks in moisture to keep eyes moist and irritation-free, further boosting comfort levels.

  1. Sandwich technology: The technology of lenses is very significant for the safety of your eyes. Our sandwich technology with special surface coating allows UV protection and ensures you get safe to wear colored contact lenses with double protection on the front and the back of each lens. 

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