Wearing and Caring Tips

Costume Contact Lenses

Putting in costume contacts, like any other contact lenses, requires care and precision to ensure a safe and comfortable fit. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to put in costume contacts:

  1. Wash Your Hands:

    • Start by thoroughly washing your hands with mild soap and water. Dry them with a lint-free towel to avoid any lint or debris getting into your eyes.
  2. Prepare Your Lens:

    • Carefully remove the costume contact lens from its case using clean fingers. Ensure the lens is not inverted; it should have a natural bowl shape.
  3. Inspect the Lens:

    • Examine the lens for any defects, scratches, or debris. Rinse it with a recommended contact lens solution if needed.
  4. Place the Lens on Your Finger:

    • Hold the lens on the tip of your index finger. Make sure it's not inside out; the edges should flare out slightly, forming a bowl shape.
  5. Use Your Other Hand:

    • Use your other hand to hold your upper eyelid open. Use your middle finger to pull down your lower eyelid.
  6. Look Up:

    • Look up toward your forehead, keeping your eye wide open.
  7. Insert the Lens:

    • Gently place the lens onto the exposed part of your eye, avoiding blinking if possible. Release your eyelids slowly, allowing the lens to settle.
  8. Blink and Adjust:

    • Blink a few times to help the lens settle into place. If needed, use your finger to adjust the lens on your eye gently.
  9. Repeat for the Other Eye:

    • Repeat the process for the other eye.
  10. Check Comfort and Clarity:

    • Ensure that the lenses feel comfortable and provide clear vision. If you experience discomfort, redness, or blurred vision, remove the lenses immediately.

Additional Tips:

  • Avoid using sharp or long nails when handling lenses to prevent tearing.
  • Never use saliva or water to moisten lenses; use recommended contact lens solutions.
  • If using makeup, apply it after inserting the lenses to avoid contamination.
  • Follow the recommended wearing schedule and care instructions provided by PsEYEche.

If you're new to wearing contact lenses, it may take a bit of practice to become comfortable with the process. If you encounter persistent issues or discomfort, consult with an eye care professional.


Sclera Contact Lenses

Step 1: Good Hygiene

When you first unbox the lenses, make sure you wash off the liquid attached to the lenses with lens solution(see the instructions on your lens solution). Don’t forget to wash your hands and always keep your hands clean.

Step 2: Secure The Contact Lenses

Because a sclera lens is bigger than the normal lens, place the sclera lens on two figures for better stability. Dip some contacts eyedrops into the cup size of the sclera lens for better moisturizing your eyes after the sclera is on.

Step 3: Put on the Sclera Lenses

Open your eye-lid with your free hand and place the sclera lens on your exposed eyeball. When the Sclera is too big to put in, slide an edge of the sclera up above your iris, adjust the sclera with your finger, and blink to make it in place.


If you have difficulties when it comes to removing, use some eye drops before removing the lenses. A tip for removing the lens is to keep your hands dry after you wash your hands so the lenses are not easy to slide around. Use your fingers to keep your eye wide open, pinch the lens, and pull it out.


For more specific instructions, check out this video below by Dr. Allen (YouTube Channel: Doctor Eye Health), wearing PsEYEche lenses. 



Caring Tips

Just getting started with contact lenses? Cleaning the lenses is the first and the most important part of lens care. Accordingly, the lenses would be more durable and the eyes would be in a more hygienic condition when the contact lenses are treated with special care and stored according to the description. Here are some tips for the sanitation of the lenses.

  1. Wash your hands before touching the lenses. This will make sure that all the dirt and bacteria are not going to transfer in your eyes.
  2. Clean your case and lenses regularly.
  3. Use fresh solution every time.
  4. Dispose the previous solution before every use.
  5. Try to avoid applying lenses after eye makeup.
  6. Make sure to check the expiration date of your solution before use.
  7. Do visit your physician and seek medical advice if the redness and irritation continue.
  8. Do not use your lenses after their expiration date.
  9. Hold your contacts up to a light source and visually inspect the lenses for clarity and hygiene. 

Again, it's critical to keep bacteria and unwanted compounds out of your eyes, in order to reduce your chances of getting an eye infection. Hence, always remember to wash your hand before putting your lenses in. Below are some instructions on how you can apply these lenses, follow them properly and you are good to go.