7 Types of Naruto Uzumaki Eyes (the 7th is out of print)

7 Types of Naruto Uzumaki Eyes (the 7th is out of print)

Naruto fans all to know Naruto is a look at the "eyes" world. After all, the various dojutsus in the Naruto shake our eyes are spent. In these dojutsus inside the most strength should be Sharingan, from single Tomoe Sharingan to Rinnegan, it even needs to experience 4 or 5 upgrades. But Naruto Uzumaki who is the protagonist of Naruto, does not a dojutsus surgery. But Naruto Uzumaki's eyes are no less impressive! Naruto Uzumaki eyes have 7 types, sage mode eyes are not the strongest. The 7th you may not have seen. 


1.Normal Eyes


The first is Naruto's normal eyes. Sarada once said that Naruto's eyes are blue. Although we didn't feel it when we first watched Naruto. In fact, Naruto's eyes are very beautiful. If Naruto hadn't been so mischievous, a blue-eyed blond boy would have been mesmerizing. It's that Naruto had nothing to do with handsome in the early stage of Naruto. After all, Sasuke beside him is too dazzling!

Childhood Naruto Uzumaki

Later, when Naruto grew up, especially in the BORUTO, we saw that he became the 7th Naruto less childish and calmer, with a pair of blue eyes showing firm belief. Although Naruto has reached the stage of BORUTO, and Naruto is still the protagonist in our minds.

2.Nine Tails Awakening Eyes


When Naruto was in danger, the nine tails in his body were ready to move. Although Kyuubi's chakra has not yet fully overflowed, Naruto's body has begun to change. He grew sharp nails, and his teeth clenched tightly together. What is more obvious is that Naruto's eyes have also changed. That is, his eyes have become the same red as Kurama eyes, and the pupils have become vertical. It's just that Naruto now still retains his sanity, but his strength has increased geometrically by an unknown number of times.

Naruto Uzumaki Kurama Red Eyes

3.Nine Tails Eyes


This kind of eye shape first appeared when he was fighting with Momochi Zabuza and Haku on the bridge. To save himself, his good friend Sasuke was pierced into a hedgehog by Haku with a flying needle. Naruto must not be able to bear it! So for the first time in Naruto, Naruto's berserk form appeared, that is the form of the Kyuubi's chakra tail burst out, and his eyes became the same blood-colored vertical pupils as the nine tails eyes' pupil. At this time, Naruto was bloodthirsty and brutal, although There is still a weak consciousness, but the chakra of Nine Tails has surrounded the body, and from these eyes, we can already see that the evil seems to have overflowed the eye sockets.

4.Nine Tails Berserk Eyes


When the state of the Nine-Tails runaway is not controlled, Naruto will soon burst out Nine Tail's tail. At the same time, Naruto's whole body is wrapped in the strong Kyuubi's chakra. At this time, Naruto was unconscious, and he was controlled by the cruel and bloodthirsty side of Kyuubi. His eyes turned white, and he will launch indiscriminate attacks on those around him. When Naruto and Pain were fighting, the nine tails in the strongest form erupted, and even Shenluo Tianzheng could resist it and beat the mighty Tiandao Payne. This is enough to show how powerful Naruto's Nine Tails are.

5.Sage Mode Eyes


Naruto can finally transform into a sage after he learned celestial art in Mount Myoboku . Reasonably speaking, Naruto's sage mode should be the best-looking among all the sages in Naruto. Wearing an orange eye shadow, which gave Naruto a coquettish look. When we watched Hokage back then, we were caught in the eye. Naruto in this state is the most handsome, do you have any opinions?

6.Six Path Sage Mode Eyes


If you ask when is Naruto's strongest state? I will definitely tell you that it is Naruto of the Six Paths plus nine tails state. At this time, Naruto combined sage mode eyes and Kyuubi's chakra mode eyes to form this six paths sage mode eyes. This is how Naruto became the hero who ended the Fourth Ninja War. Although the shape of Naruto's eyes is not a dojutsus technique, it is fancier than dojutsus technique. From this point of view, the author Kishimoto still prefers Naruto!

7.Normal Nine Tails Eyes


You may think that the above should be all the eye forms of Naruto in Naruto. But in fact, Naruto also has an eye shape that everyone doesn't know, that is the normal nine tails eye. Let’s look at the picture below. After Naruto completed the wind escape and spiral pill shuriken, he rushed to support Kakashi who was fighting with Kakuzu. At that time, if you looked at Naruto's eyes carefully, you would find that although Naruto had not entered the awakened state of Nine Tails. But his eyes have become vertical eyes, but the entire pupil is still blue. Naruto kept this kind of eyes during this battle with Kakuzu, but they haven't appeared again since then. So this kind of Naruto's normal Nine Tails Eyes has been out of print since then.

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